Korg NanoKontrol2 -> AHK -> VoiceMeeter
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Korg NanoKontrol2 -> AHK -> VoiceMeeter

This is something I threw together from multiple different very old sources for the VoiceMeeter control with AHK to the MIDI interaction with AHK.

This should be good to go, I also included the “Scene data file” (the config) for the Korg software to configure the channels and CCs for the sliders as I have it set up. Here is a short YouTube video on it.

After first startup if you would no longer like the dialog box that shows the MIDI output to show, you can change line 1 of MidiStart.ahk to read ShowGUI := False. You can edit AHK files in any plaintext editor, including notepad.

Further information can be found in the Wiki