lets you use the Luxafor API with AHK
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This AHK script simply interacts with the API, not directly interacting with the flag.


The recommended way to use this is to launch it with command line parameters. I wouldn't advise #Includeing it since it contains quite a few ExitApps.

I didn't want to have you specify the UserID when you call the script, that's super annoying. Just go in there and put it in at the very top.

How to launch with command line parameters documentation

How to do it from within AHK Run %A_AhkPath% "flag.ahk" "param" "param" "param"

Parameter format

Everything listed here is an option

Start with the type of action you want:

Action Parameter
Solid s
Blink b
Pattern p

Next do the color:

Action Available Colors
Solid red, green, yellow, blue, white, cyan, magenta, 6 symbol hex color code
Blink red, green, yellow, blue, white, cyan, magenta
Pattern police, traffic_lights, random (picks one of the following random ones at random), random1, random2, random3, random4, random5
Additional patterns accepted on Windows only: rainbow, sea, white_wave, synthetic

Optional: How long to do that action

Just specify how long you want it to hold said action in seconds. I haven't tested out decimals, but it isn't that exact anyway, takes a few seconds to turn on the light as is.

If you don't specify this for solid colors it will just tell it to go to that color and end. If you don't set it for blinking or patterns it goes on for 1000000 seconds (11.57 days, so essentially until the script gets stopped)

Turning the flag off

Only specify the parameter off and it will turn off the flag


Run %A_AhkPath% "flag.ahk" "b" "red" "10"

Run %A_AhkPath% "flag.ahk" "p" "police"

Run %A_AhkPath% "flag.ahk" "s" "magenta" "35"

Run %A_AhkPath% "flag.ahk" "off"