Group Loot for Mad Mage campaign with Joe
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Group Loot

Total funds: 115 Plat, 6 Gold, 43 Silver, 1 Electrum

Session 1

Carrying Item Description
2× Oil of Slipperiness Essentially the grease spell
Hellish Rebuke (spell scroll) DEX saving roll, 2d10 fire, 50% dmg on successful save
Matt Pearl of Power Regain expended spell slot, once per day
Potion of Invulnerability Resistance to all dmg for 1 min
Eldritch Blast (spell scroll) Ranged, 1d10 force
Potion of Vitality Cures disease or poison
Potion of Healing (Greater) 4d4 + 4 HP
Jason Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location Hidden from Divination magic, cant be targeted by such magic or perceived through magical Scrying sensors
Folding Boat Roll 20
Matt Docent
Jeff Gloves of Missile Snaring Ninja-catch a ranged attack on you
Jason Stone of Good Luck +1 on ability checks and saving throws

Session 2

Carrying Item Description
Thief Tools Small file, lock picks, mirror on a handle, scissors, pliers
Explorers Pack Backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days of rations, waterskin, 50 ft of rope
Jason Silver Ring (6c) Has dwarven runes inscribed on it

Session 3

Carrying Item Description
Burglars Kit Missing lantern & oil

Session 4

Carrying Item Description
Matt 5 ft pole × 2 100% Matts fault
Joe Corpse Withered heart belongs to him

Session 5

All items sold in session 7

Session 6

Carrying Item Description
Joe Spellbook Room 36B
Money 5 Platimum, 24 gold, 24 silver
Explorer's pack Missing food and water

Session 7

Carrying Item Description
Gem 8C
Money 17 Gold
Sold Items 695 Gold which was turned into platinum and then spent on things
Joe Spell Book 9th level


Used by Item Description Session
Jason Potion of Healing 2d4 +2 HP 2
Party Dwarf Key (Room 6C) Was used to open chest with Withered Heart 4